The Best Blue Mountains Tour with a Toddler

The Blue Mountains are sandstone rock covered in lush greenery and is about 1.75 hour drive from Sydney. This sounds daunting to travel to with a toddler (under 2 years old). On top of that, we were not travelling to Sydney with a car seat. Thus, we looked into booking a Blue Mountains tour.

The Best Blue mountains tour with a toddler
Waterfalls in Blue Mountains

Choosing a Blue Mountains Tour Company

A Blue Mountains tour is an appealing choice because it requires no additional itinerary planning, direct transportation (opposed to public) and a car seat is provided. After researching tour companies to the Blue Mountains (looking at Tripadvisor reviews and the companies’ website), I chose Picture Me Sydney. This tour company stood out because it sounds like you would be going to locally frequented spots versus a large bus dropping you off at the tourist traps.

Booking the Blue Mountains Tour

If you’re travelling with children under 16 with Picture Me Sydney, you have to book a private tour so that the operator knows to provide a car seat. Upon emailing Terry, the owner, he provided a quick response with the most thoughtful itinerary with the toddler. It included providing a car seat, playground visit during lunch, toddler friendly hike options and getting home at a reasonable time for the toddler’s bedtime!

When I put down the deposit, it was different situation than I’ve experience where you had to purchase a non-refundable gift card. I later learned through my conversations on the tour that this is a very small company (just the owner and one other tour guide).


The means of transportation is a large, clean and modern van that fits 9 people (including the driver). The configuration is 3 people in the back, 2 in the third row, 2 in the second row and the passenger and driver seat in the front.

A front facing car seat is provided and already installed (I mention this because on our tours in New Zealand, these car seats were not installed by the operator, and we had to install it ourselves – which was a pain). There is no space in the trunk due to the 3 people in the back. I would not recommend a stroller for this trip (you really don’t need it anyways) and instead bring a baby carrier such as this one.

The drive there is broken up with activities but the drive back to Sydney is not and is about 1.5 hours. For the drive there while there is light, we brought the following toys:

For the drive back, we did resort to downloaded Youtube videos (you can get one month free of downloads with Youtube Premium) and used this nifty phone holder for the toddler to watch it on.

The Best Blue Mountain tour - phone holder for toddler entertainment on the long drive home
Phone holder for toddler’s entertainment on the long drive

Itinerary for a Blue Mountains Tour with a Toddler

One of the best things about this operator is that they start at 10am! We slept in (as much as one could with a toddler) and took our time eating breakfast at the hotel. Terry picks up clients from their hotel and starts the journey to a small petting zoo.

Petting Zoo

The zoo is about 30 minutes from Sydney. It is small but quaint and it look like it mainly catered to school field trips. I was expecting to stand behind glass and watch the wallabies, kangaroos and koalas, but we actually got to be in an enclosure with them! Note that Terry is also a former professional photographer and is always ready to take a picture or proactively one to pose for a picture. There are working bathrooms and a cafe. Further, there is a toddler sized playground in the middle of the area. We spent about 60 minutes at the zoo.

First Lookout – Lincoln Rock

After the zoo, we drove an hour to the first lookout. When we arrived, it was a small parking lot and I noticed there were no big tourist buses which gave me the impression that this was not a tourist frequented spot. The lookout from the parking lot is about a 5 minute walk. It is sort of a cliff with no barrier. The cliff is not a steep drop off if you were to fall off as there is a bit of a hill but make sure your toddler is secured to you in the carrier. Views are amazing and overlook a vast canyon filled with eucalyptus forest. Expect to spend 30 minutes here.

Lincoln Rock Look out at the Best Blue Mountains Tour with a toddler and kids
Lincoln Rock Lookout

Lunch and playtime at a local playground

From the first lookout, we stopped at a local park for lunch, which was included with the tour. It included fixings of deli turkey, salmon, spinach wraps, bread, cheese, lettuce and mayo for a wrap/sandwich and fruit. We had brought extra food for snacking which we ate with lunch as well. I would recommend bringing extra provisions if you tend to eat more at lunch. Terry brings real plates and silverware which is great to see he is thinking about sustainability!

There is a playground with swings and slides where toddlers can plany on after being confined in a carrier and carseat. Further, there are bathrooms nearby. There is about 30 minutes allotted for this activity.

Playground at lunchtime during the best blue mountains tour with a toddler
Playground at Lunch time

Hiking through the Blue Mountains – Wentworthfalls

After lunch, it is only a 10-minute car ride to the next destination of hiking through the Blue Mountains to Wentworth Falls. Definitely do not bring a stroller and bring a carrier for the toddler. Again, I noticed that there were no tourist buses around. We embarked on one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve been on. It was filled with cascading waterfalls, elegant moss-covered rocks, and boundless canyon views. The hike takes about an hour, but it is mainly due to stopping and taking pictures. Although the trail is steep, due to the many stops for the views, it is not noticeable. We caught the scenery when the sun was setting which was stunning.

Three Sisters Lookout

Our final stop was the Three Sisters Lookout which is another 15-20 minute drive from the hike (in the town of Katoomba). The lookout is made on a huge, modern two-tier platform with bathrooms. Three Sisters is three pillar of rocks amongst canyon views. Again, with the sun setting, the colors in the background of the rocks are beautiful. As it was fall season, the time was around 5:30pm when we headed back to Sydney.

Three Sisters Lookout on the best blue mountains tour with a toddler
Three Sisters Lookout

Final Thoughts on a Blue Mountains Tour with a toddler

I highly recommend visiting the Blue Mountains and doing it with Picture Me Sydney (this is not a sponsored post). It makes travelling with a toddler much easier. If you need more ideas on what to do with a toddler in Sydney, check out my post here!

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